“The Third Wife” book review

Jewell is the bestselling author of 17 novels!

I adore some escapist fiction, which is defined as providing a psychological escape from everyday life by allowing the reader to immerse herself in another situation or location.

For me, that means almost any good thriller.

Lately, British author Lisa Jewell is filling the bill. Her latest release The Family Upstairs was one of my 2019 favorites. (Click the link HERE to refresh your memory.) Then She Was Gone was another crazy-good mystery. So when my friend Christine passed her copy of The Third Wife along to me, I knew I’d put other books aside to tear through it.

And that’s exactly what I did.

The Third Wife starts out like most juicy stories – a murder. Or was it a suicide?

Either way, you’ll be guessing til the end “what happened to Maya?”

Maya and Adrian Wolfe seem to have it all. He’s a highly respected and successful architect and even though it’s his third marriage, all FIVE of his children and BOTH ex-wives get along beautifully.

They vacation together. They celebrate holidays together and only when Maya dies, does Adrian find clues that make him question just how happy everyone really was.

This 2015 mystery will have you racing to the end to find out what exactly happened in the Wolfe family.

Lisa Jewell is truly a master at telling a story and I look forward to reading more from her backlist as I await her upcoming books.

Happy Reading!


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