“The Family Upstairs” book review

“A chilling psychological thriller” – Washington Post

It’s hard to top Then She Was Gone, but Lisa Jewell has done it.

I read SO MANY BOOKS for this blog and for book club, reading ends up not always being fun or satisfying.

Fortunately, the creative plot, perfect pace, and unforgettable characters in The Family Upstairs got me out of a reading slump! This stellar story has all the right elements and I highly recommend it for fans of thrillers or mysteries.

Author Lisa Jewell (Photo by Andrew Whitton)

The story opens with a prologue from the unreliable and primary narrator Henry, reflecting on his unusual childhood that became downright bizarre after “they” came.

“They lived with us for more than 5 yrs and they turned everything very, very dark. My sister and I had to learn how to survive. And when I was 16, and my sister was 14, the baby came.”

The tease of the mysterious prologue gives way to a fascinating first chapter . . .

Chapter one begins with Libby receiving a letter on her twenty-fifth birthday, informing her that she has inherited a dilapidated mansion in London’s fashionable Chelsea neighborhood.

Libby knew she was adopted but never knew the circumstances.

The story unfolds as Libby researches the background of the mansion. She discovers details about her birth parents and family. 

Once you begin, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP READING THIS BOOK – so plan accordingly!

British author Lisa Jewell is an internationally bestselling author of over a dozen novels including NYT bestseller and previously mentioned fave, Then She Was Gone. Check out her website for a backlist of all her titles and book tour schedule.

Please hurry up and get this book! The sooner you read it, the sooner we can chat/discuss it.

Happy Reading!

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  1. I finally got around to reading this book based on your recommendation, and I’m so glad I did. I absolutely loved it and plan on reading more of Lisa Jewell’s books now!


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