“Big Lies in a Small Town” book review

Released January 2020

If you are a fan of stories that include a bit of history, you will appreciate this tale.

Author Diane Chamberlain read about the 48 State Mural Competition sponsored during the Great Depression by the US Treasury Department. She also spent time researching the town of Edenton for this novel.

The story, set in Edenton, North Carolina is told from the perspective of Morgan Christopher in 2018 and Anna Dale in 1940. Both women are talented artists with very different assignments.

It all begins with the discovery of a dead body.

From there, the narrators take you back and forth from 2018 when Morgan Christopher is mysteriously released early from the North Carolina Correctional Facility for Women in Raleigh, to 1940 when Ms. Anna Dale is selected as the winning artist to paint a mural for the town post office in Edenton, North Carolina.

The tale unfolds as Anna and Morgan fill in the details.

I really enjoyed this mystery. The pacing is just right, without too much detail to bog you down. The chapters are short and conclude making you want to know a little more. Both main characters are flawed, yet talented artists with their own set of tragic circumstances leading them to Edenton.

I highly recommend this new release by Diane Chamberlain.

Happy Reading!


  1. This one sounds good. Remember Betty from our Bible studies? She’s got a lot of connections in Edenton so I’m going to tell her about the book. Also, so happy to see that you’re having a writing published in the Chapin Times. You’ve got to text me a screenshot of it or something so I can read it. Yay for you. And thank you for being such an diverse and invested book whisperer.

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    • It really is a good story, Gwen. I think Betty would probably even know about the post office mural competition, which is what the story is centered around. And as soon as I have a copy of Chapin Magazine’s latest issue, I’ll send you a copy. I started writing for them last year and it’s been so fun!


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