Book Review – “The Huntress” by Kate Quinn

Instant best-seller!

After “The Alice Network”, it’s hard to impress me, but Kate Quinn did it again!

For all my reading buddies suffering from WW2HFF (World War II Historic Fiction Fatigue) – don’t laugh it’s real – relax! “The Huntress” is more mystery, thriller, and intrigue than anything else.

Set in the aftermath of the war, a notorious female Nazi war criminal known as the Huntress escapes Europe and is living in Boston with a brand new family under another identity. She uses all her tricks to manipulate and reinvent herself into a gracious and unsuspecting housewife. Unfortunately for her, there’s a British war correspondent, amateur photographer and a Russian female pilot tracking her down. Nina Markova, the pilot, is the only person to ever tangle with the vicious Huntress and escaped to tell about it.

What I liked about this book:

  • Paperback release
  • I learned about the Night Witches – a group of notorious female Russian pilots who wreaked havoc on the Germans by bombing them at night
  • The character of the Huntress is a combination of two real, hideous female Nazis
  • The book contains an excellent book club guide, author notes and two pages of suggested non-fiction and fiction books for further study.

If you enjoy historic fiction and a mystery, you’ll enjoy “The Huntress.”

What are you reading this week?

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