“Where the Crawdads Sing” author visit and book signing recap

In October 2018 I read and reviewed Delia Owen’s first novel set in the marshes of NC. Since it’s release, “Crawdads” has been RULING all the bestseller lists and I’m pretty sure Reese Witherspoon’s early endorsement didn’t hurt one bit.

To recap, Kya, the main character is a young girl who’s gradually abandoned by her entire family and forced to survive on her own. Within the novel are a murder mystery, love story, and courtroom drama. Woven throughout the tale are themes of isolation and self-reliance.

The “Tree Grows in Chapin” book club pick for May is “Where the Crawdads Sing” so what better way to get pumped up for a great discussion than going on a road trip to meet and listen to the author? Throw in a ladies lunch beforehand and a little wandering around Indigo Books, and you have a recipe for the perfect day.

The event was sponsored the Charleston Library Society and by Julian and Polly Buxton of Buxton Books in historic Charleston, SC. After Owens gave a brief and fascinating talk she took questions from the audience. Due to the excellent planning, every person in attendance was able to get a book(s) signed and to meet Delia Owens. For less than $30 we had great seats at the beautiful Sandcastle overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Everyone in attendance had the opportunity to meet Owens and have a book(s) signed.

A native of South Georgia, Owens spent many years in Africa as a wildlife scientist.

“Kya is intelligent and capable. The lives of the marsh creatures fascinated her, so she started collecting shells and feathers, learning Nature’s lessons as she went. Since she had no friends or family, her only entertainment was to observe, collect and record the wonders around her. And in so doing, she learned a tremendous amount about natural history, and her mind and talents developed. With those in hand, she was able to become a true naturalist and publish numerous reference books. Her collections of marsh life grew into the most complete and profound of its kind.”

Delia Owens (bookbrowse.com)
Owens spent 10 years writing her novel.

Owens recently sold the film rights to Crawdads to Hello Sunshine (Reese Witherspoon’s company) and even hinted she’s working on another novel. Our group is looking forward to hearing more from her in the coming years. In the meantime, she’s at Litchfield Books tomorrow (May 6) and Malaprop’s Bookstore in Asheville, NC on Wednesday, May 8th.

Book buddies make the best friends!

Need a book club road trip? Check out the amazing Lunch and Lit series coming to M.Judson in Greenville, SC. For less than $50 you enjoy a wonderful lunch with the author AND a copy of the book. Most events sell out, so don’t dawdle…

Happy reading, my friends!


  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t WAIT to suggest a book club road trip to my own book club. I read this book last year and loved it — since some in our club had not read it, we’re discussing it for our August meeting. I reviewed it on my own blog recently.

    As a science major and a believer in the power of nature, the theme of nature being such a redemptive force was compelling to me. As a writer, I was inspired by this author’s exquisite work in pulling the reader right into the natural world her protagonist loved and inhabited.


    • I think you and I must have read it when it first came out! I’m from NC and immediately connected with the setting. Our book club didn’t discuss it til May but we had the most people EVER show up for that meeting. Delia Owens was fascinating to meet. She spent many years studying animals and nature in Africa. I hope your book club enjoys discussing it as much as we did.


  2. Hi Betsy. I’m finally finding time to get back into reading, though we’ll see how long this lasts with running The Coffee Shelf. This is the first review I found on your page as I finally read this book during the Christmas holiday period. Even with all the hype it did not disappoint.

    I’ve started a blog within The Coffee Shelf website. I’m getting ready to promote it, but wanted to let you know first. I’ll be writing about a myriad of subjects. I’m of course going to include book reviews. I already have about a dozen book reviews on the blog, with many more to come. I would welcome your comments on any of my articles, especially as they pertain to books. You might want to check two within my “random musings” category. One is regarding the question of movies verses books. And another asking if the pen is mightier than the sword.

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