“Bone Deep” by Sandra Ireland

Release date: June 11, 2019

Looking for a creepy thriller to add to your summer reading list ? “Bone Deep” is a modern Gothic mystery set in the village of Fettermore, Scotland.  English author Sandra Ireland checked all the boxes for me: quirky characters, eerie atmosphere, a bunch of juicy secrets and a great plot.

Here’s what you need to know…

Mac, an eccentric retired academic-writer-type who’s fascinated with folklore is looking for an assistant to help transcribe her notes.  Young Lucie fits the bill perfectly since she has no other options besides the job Mac offers her, along with a free place to stay. She is seeking a “do-over” in her life and a change of scenery is the ticket.

Shortly after getting settled into her new home at Miller’s Cottage, Lucie begins transcribing Mac’s tale about the legend of “The Cruel Sisters” and the situation becomes strange almost immediately.  Both main characters are flawed and unreliable, which makes this tale of betrayal and sibling rivalry interesting to follow. I enjoyed the pace of the story and definitely would recommend “Bone Deep”, especially if your tastes lean toward the dark, modern gothic style of the popular Ruth Ware (“In a Dark, Dark Wood” and “The Lying Game”)

Happy Reading!

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