A Day Trip to Park Road Books

This iconic store is Charlotte’s only indie book shop!

Last week my son and I took a day trip to Charlotte and I stumbled across this AMAZING independent bookstore, Park Road Books.

I’m so glad I was able to squeeze in some time at this historic location. Yes, historic! Park Road Shopping Center is the oldest strip mall shopping center in North Carolina AND it has the incredible distinction of being the only full-service book store in Charlotte.

This area of Charlotte has experienced an impressive revitalization.

Owner Sally Brewster graciously answered my questions and allowed me to take pictures despite doing a brisk amount of business while I was there. The phone never stopped ringing and the steady stream of mask-wearing customers was encouraging to see. Park Road Books has been impacted by Covid-19 like all small businesses, but they are adapting and showing tremendous flexibility. (See pic below of curbside orders!)

Curbside orders

In addition to a diverse collection of Staff Picks and signed copies of books, Park Road Books also sponsors the popular Charlotte Readers Podcast – Where Authors Give Voice to Their Written Words, hosted by Landis Wade.

If you find yourself passing through Charlotte I highly recommend a visit to Park Road Books – their fantastic selection of books, stationery, gifts, and an assortment of fun, book-ish surprises will delight all ages. Bonus: they have a comfy, covered outside reading area!

If you’d like to know more about Park Road Books, this article is excellent.

Please let me know if you visit an independent bookstore or unique library this summer so I can put it on my list.

Happy Reading!

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