“Pearls of Wisdom” book review

“Little Pieces of Advice (That Go A Long Way) was published in 2020

I thought the same thing you may be thinking.

How does someone who passed away write a book?

Two years ago Former First Lady Barbara Bush left her earthly home but her legendary advice – solicited and unsolicited. – lives on in this sweet volume.

Jean Becker, friend and deputy press secretary, assembled this incredible collection of Mrs. Bush’s words from diary entries, speeches, letters, but mostly straight from the mouths of those who knew and loved her best, her family.

Their fingerprints are all over this book.

Some of my favorite bits of advice:

“When someone gives you a compliment on your outfit, just say thank you.

Being late is a sign of disrespect for the person you are meeting.

Never pay top dollar for department store lipstick when you can get the same thing at the drugstore for a fraction of the cost!

Treat everyone equally, don’t look down on anyone, use your voice for good, read all the great books.”

-Pearls of Wisdom, Barbara Pierce Bush

This little volume would make an excellent, inspirational read during these times of uncertainty. It’s divided into seven chapters with family being the first chapter and other chapters cover friends and staff.

My favorite is chapter five and is titled “Read” due in large part to her dream that America would become a more literate nation.

“In the last years of her life, she dragged her octogenarian body onto planes and buses and into cars from one end of the country to the other, raising money for her literacy foundation. She despised ignorance. She despised it because she knew it was wrong.

And if you loved her and what she represented, you’ll go out and get a book. And you will read it. You will turn off that TV and pay attention. And cut the tweeting. And cut the Facebook chatter and all the other nonsense. And you will get busy doing what Barbara Bush spent most of her life doing. You will fight ignorance. You will learn to love. And in doing so, you will do what she did.

You will change the world.”

-James McBride, best selling author of “The Color of Water” & former Washington Post reporter

Pearls of Wisdom is available in hardback, audio and e-book format.

Happy Reading!

One comment

  1. Betsy this looks like a must have! You never cease to inspire me. Thanks for all you do to promote not only good literature, but the love and hunger for it.
    I hope you’re getting a chance to journal during such uncertain times. Future generations will need to read and appreciate something real from this time. ❤️


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