“The Others Mrs” book review

Released February 18, 2020

When Chicago residents, Sadie and Will Foust inherit a family home in small-town Maine, it seems like an obvious choice to uproot the family of four and start over. Things haven’t been going well at the hospital where Sadie is a doctor, the marriage has been through a tough time and teenage son Otto is suspended from school for having a knife in his backpack in response to being bullied.

Yes, a fresh start is just what the Foust family needs.

There’s only one catch: teenage niece Imogen comes along with the house.

Recently orphaned, Imogen is not happy to have outsiders – even if they are family – moving into her home.

Despite living on an isolated island requiring a ferry trip to go almost anywhere, Sadie and Will both find jobs and quickly settle into their new life.

Within a few days of their arrival, neighbor Morgan Baines is brutally murdered in her home. Naturally, Sadie is terrified. But she’s also curious about the investigation and keeping her family safe from a murderer on the loose.

The Other Mrs is told from the perspective of three characters, one of which is Sadie.

With an attitude of arrogance, I thought I figured it out before page 100.

I’m happy to report I WAS WRONG.

And I love when I’m wrong about a plot-line and get surprised!

I highly recommend The Others Mrs if you are a fan of mysteries or thrillers. And for Netflix fans, you’ll be pleased to know a movie is on the way to your small screen. Author Mary Kubica is involved in the production, which isn’t always the case with film versions of books.

Overall, I found this story to be engaging and just confusing enough to keep me on my toes. The three narrators seem to be telling three different stories in the beginning, but it all comes together in a creative and surprising way. I loved it!

And now, for my special plea:

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There probably won’t be a bailout for bookstores, so let’s pitch in & help!

Happy Reading!

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