“The Boy From the Woods” book review

“King of the Twist” Coben has over 70 MILLION books in print!

The Boy From the Woods is a great escape if you enjoy a fast-paced thriller with interesting, fun characters.

You’ll be hooked from the first page which is an old New Jersey newspaper clipping about an “abandoned wild boy found in the woods.”

One thing I love about Coben is the creative way he begins each book – I don’t know how long he takes to come up with the opening lines but they hook me every time.

More about the story . . .

Wilde is a reclusive and mysterious man who was found decades ago living on his own in the woods. He has no memory of where he came from or how he got there. He is naturally a cautious and reserved person, even decades after leaving the woods.

As an adult, Wilde is a successful, independent person but has minimal personal connections and prefers to live in a tiny home in the middle of the woods he once roamed as a child.

When a local girl is missing in the same woods, feisty and sensational television lawyer Hester Crimstein reaches out to Wilde for his assistance in locating the girl who is a friend of her grandson.

If you read Coben’s last thriller Runaway (or any of his other books), you will appreciate learning more about Hester!

The Boy From the Woods is the perfect “escape” read for these times because it’s exciting and thrilling but not DARK. Yesterday on The Today Show, Al Roker even recommended it!

Not sure if it’s for you? Try a sample of the book HERE.

And for my friends who like to read about books, but prefer “watching” their books instead – you know who you are! – 3 of Coben’s 31 novels have been adapted into Netflix dramas: Safe, The Five and The Stranger. I’ve seen ’em all and they’re GOOD!

Happy Reading!

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