Top 10 Books of 2019

Each year, I love reflecting back over the books I read and trying to narrow them down to a Top Ten list.

Here are my faves from last year:

All the above were published in 2019 except for “Fox 8” which was published in 2013
Any of these would be great for a book club discussion!
Non-fiction is becoming a favorite.

I surpassed my goal of reading 50 books in 2019, mostly because now I am also listening to books on when I’m doing chores, gardening, or running errands. I never considered “listening” to be the same as actually “reading” a book, but I got over it.

Do you set a reading goal? I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Reading!


  1. I haven’t kept a count but I will this year! Thanks for inspiring me Betsy. I always loved reading but now I have more of a purpose and ❤️ it even more.

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