“This Outside Life” book review

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This book was recommended to me by a dear friend and she absolutely nailed it when suggesting I might appreciate it. (Thank you, Gwen!)

I read a lot of books and consider this to be one of the most impactful ones I read during the summer of 2019.

You may or may not consider yourself an outdoorsy person. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you get a knot in your throat when you see videos of baby loggerhead turtles make their way to the ocean? Does the sight of a feather on your front porch cause you to pause? Do you get a little tingly when you approach the ocean or the mountains after a long time away? Does the smell of a campfire or a pine forest take you back to a happy childhood memory? Does taking a walk or hike have a calming effect?

Whether you are a person who yearns to be outside at every opportunity or if you prefer to enjoy nature from the confines of the front porch, you will appreciate this wonderful, concise “trail guide” to connecting with God through nature.

What I love about this book:

  • encouragement to get outside
  • it’s paperback and the chapters are short
  • fascinating stories about everything from scuba-diving to mountain lions
  • could be used as a bible study or personal devotion
  • questions at the end of each chapter for reflection or discussion
  • interdenominational appeal

“The goal of this book is to have you fall in love with and delight in God’s handiwork and to discover His heart in it.”

Laurie Kehler

I ordered my copy of “This Outside Life” from The Coffee Shelf. This book would make a fabulous gift!

Happy Reading, my friends.

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