“Things You Save in a Fire” book review

Release date: August 13, 2019

If anyone was born to handle an emergency, it’s Cassie Hanwell.  She’s the picture of a tough professional in the male-dominated field of firefighting in Austin, Texas.  When Cassie’s estranged mother reaches out asking for help, she balks at the request but eventually agrees to relocate to Boston for one year. 

Cassie’s transition from Texas to Boston is a shock. The Boston firehouse has outdated equipment and the building itself is in bad shape, not to mention the constant hazing. Cassie attempts to tread lightly and maintain a professional demeanor as she navigates a new situation where she must prove her worthiness to colleagues who do not want her there.

Texas author Katherine Center’s sixth novel is a compelling, heartfelt story of forgiveness, acceptance, and healing with memorable, expertly-written characters. “Things You Save in a Fire” was a Reading Vacation for my mind after some heavy, dark and depressing recent reads. I didn’t want it to end!

What I liked about this book and author:

  • Strong female protagonist – and she’s a FIREFIGHTER!
  • I was hooked from the first chapter – great plot and excellent characters
  • Center’s husband is a volunteer firefighter, so his input was crucial
  • Center’s Tedx talk on how stories teach us is fabulous and funny
  • Her website is fantastic and has some good, short videos I think teachers will appreciate, especially the one about failure and writing. Check out her website here.

I hope you take a minute to pre-order “Things You Save in a Fire” or request it at your local library. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy Reading!

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