Book Review – “The Favorite Daughter”

Move this book to your “MUST” read stack

Patti Callahan Henry’s latest novel opens with an unimaginable wedding-day betrayal. Moments before walking down the aisle, Colleen Donohue accidentally interrupts her fiance Walter in a passionate kiss and embrace – WITH HER SISTER.


Young Colleen flees her small town in South Carolina and starts a new life as a travel writer in NYC. She manages to avoid her family for the better part of ten years, until one day her brother Shane calls with devastating news about their beloved father Gavin.

Gavin has the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease and the family desperately needs a plan of action.

PCH expertly weaves the issues of memory, home and secrets into a story you will never want to end.

“The problem with memories, Colleen Donohue often thought, wasn’t with the ones she couldn’t let go of, but with those that wouldn’t let go of her.”

“The Favorite Daughter”

A few things I especially loved about this book:

  • An excellent Reader’s Guide
  • It’s a paperback!
  • Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement info in the back of the book
  • The audio version is narrated by Joshilyn Jackson

If you’re like me and enjoy learning more about the author, check out Patti Callahan Henry’s website by clicking HERE for a fantastic book club kit and a great video “Stories in the Lowcountry”, along with photos from her recent trip to Ireland which greatly impacted the storyline of “The Favorite Daughter.”

P. S. I wrote about meeting Patti Callahan Henry on another blog post, so click here if you’d like to read about it.

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