“Greenlights” review

If you are a fan of Matthew McConaughey, you will really enjoy this book.

If you are wondering who Matthew McConaughey actually is, I’d skip it.

Instead of reading Greenlights, I listened to it and must say, it was thoroughly enjoyable to listen to him tell his own story.

He has a GREAT voice.

It was also fun to hear about his family, growing up in Texas, and his time in Australia as a foreign exchange student.

McConaughey is a self-described “armchair anthropologist, folk philosopher and truth-seeking street poet” which means he enjoys rambling and listening to himself as much as he enjoys telling his story.

There were times I laughed out loud, but more than a few times, I wanted to un-hear a few awkward and unnecessary personal details.

So the bottom line is this: fans will adore this book and I highly recommend an audio version.

Happy Reading!

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