“A Race Around the World” book review

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I first heard of author Caroline Starr Rose when I joined Hopewriter’s last year. I immediately checked out a few of her books at my local public library and my school library.

“May B” was my favorite because what’s not to love about a little girl who is sent to help out on a neighbor’s prairie homestead in Kansas for a few months? May is placed in a position of great responsibility and she rises up when the situation becomes very dire. She ends up abandoned by the family she was sent to help. May is one of the most fierce and strong young female characters I’ve encountered in children’s fiction.

And “Over in the Wetlands – A Hurricane on the Bayou Story” is not only a beautiful picture book perfectly capturing the natural world’s response to a hurricane, but it’s SO relatable to those of us who live in states regularly impacted by a big storm.

Fast forward to October 2019 – Caroline’s latest picture book released on October 3rd and it’s about the true story of Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s race around the world in 1889.

I grew up learning about newswoman Nellie Bly and her adventurous, fearless spirit which led her to chase her dream of traveling around the world faster than Jules Verne’s fictional hero Phileas Fogg.

But I NEVER knew about Elizabeth Bisland racing against Nellie Bly!

This book tells the fabulous story and the amazing art of Alexandra Bye make it truly come to life.

Teachers, this would make an EXCELLENT classroom resource especially for children doing biography projects. The extensive author’s note and sources in the back of the book offer interesting background and insight into the time period Bly and Bisland took their daring trips.

ALL OF US, young and not-so-young, need to hear positive & encouraging true stories of bravery & boldness about men and women who defied the odds and charted their own path.

I could not love this book more. I hope you’ll consider ordering it. I would especially encourage libraries to add “A Race Around the World” to their children’s collection.

Happy Reading!


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