“I Think You’re Wrong, But I’m Listening – A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversations” review

Authors: Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers (“Pantsuit Politics” podcast founders)

Release Date: February 5, 2019

Just released on February 5, 2019

This important book came into my life at the perfect time! “I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening)” is NOT like other political books currently on the shelves. There’s no “he said – she said” hateful, ranting rhetoric. Instead, you have two smart and savvy women who make it a practice to study the issues and most importantly, to LISTEN. Authors Sarah Stewart Holland (D) and Beth Silvers (R) have opposing views on the ideological spectrum, but they somehow manage to lead and guide us by their example of how to discuss controversial topics like healthcare and the war on terror.

I bet you have folks in your own family or workspace who are “triggered” by particular words such as Trump, climate change, gun control, Hillary, or my personal favorite, taxes. Everybody seems to have an opinion and a news show or website that completely supports their beliefs.

“I Think You’re Wrong…” isn’t going to transform your extended family or work environment, but it will open your eyes to how YOU can make a difference.

What’s unique about this book? Faith and reliance on Scripture and biblical teaching play a major role in how Sarah and Beth approach difficult and challenging topics. Each chapter ends with questions to ponder and discuss. Instead of hiding their beliefs, they embrace them.  How is this possible? Doesn’t the regular news want us to believe that all people of faith fit into certain little boxes and you can’t possibly be a “true” Christian and be a Democrat? And if you are a Republican you must a die-hard climate-change denier and can’t possibly support any form of gun control?

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of it.

As a life-long conservative, I completely gave up watching the news or following any politics at all about two years ago.  I was just disgusted with all of it and the anxiety it induced. In the years that passed, I haven’t missed the constant angry discourse, drama and bickering match our news channels have morphed into. I stumbled onto the “Pantsuit Politics” podcast thanks to my friends at The Bookshelf, and from there I learned about this book.

In the 80s I was VERY active in politics. I’m deeply grateful to my 2019 flat-iron when I see this pic.

Reading “I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening) has restored my hope in the idea that maybe one day there will be more grace-filled conversations where family members/coworkers/neighbors with opposing viewpoints will spend more time listening to each other and trying to honestly understand one another.  This book is needed now more than ever! There are so many political television shows, podcasts, and books out today promoting division and even animosity toward the perceived “enemy” on the other side. Listening only to news that supports your viewpoint creates an “echo-chamber. (Holland and Silvers suggest “exiting the Echo Chamber” and they offer a 7-day challenge to help you on your journey.)

“The system is built to please you, not to challenge you.  As a result, we all see more and more and more news-related content that confirms our worldview and reinforces our ideas.”

Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers

I highly recommend this book because it’s inspirational message makes me hopeful for our future as a country.  

Have a great weekend, my reading friends! Please share my blog with your Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green Party, and Independent friends, family or co-workers.

P. S. Take a book or donate a book next time you’re at the Columbia, SC airport

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