“Murder on Edisto” book review

Oops! I’ve been living under a rock and just stumbled upon a fantastic, new-to-me mystery series that began in the old-timey days of 2014. How did I miss this?

Book One of the Edisto Island Mystery series is about a tenacious Boston detective who finds herself in a terrifying predicament. You will literally be guessing until the end!

Callie Jean Morgan and her teenage son return to South Carolina after her husband is brutally murdered by Russian mobsters who were put away in large part, due to her relentless detective work. Thinking the relocation to a quieter place near family and friends is just the ticket, she’s immediately in for a shock. The safe shelter of beloved Edisto is not looking promising when her elderly neighbor and lifelong mentor is murdered.

“Her daddy had coaxed her back to South Carolina after that long painful year in Boston. Seven times mayor of Middleton, he’d been elected under the delicate yet crafty oversight of his wife with a poli-sci major from Columbia College –in South Carolina, not New York. What Beverly didn’t have in sheepskin prestige, she made up for in a dynamic crusade to keep Lawton Cantrell in power. The woman held a master’s degree in manipulation.”

C. Hope Clark, Murder on Edisto

What I loved about this book:

  • It’s about Edisto! And it’s obvious the author has spent LOTS of time in the area.
  • It’s available in paperback and most of the titles in the series are for sale at The Coffee Shelf.
  • It’s a series; there’s five in all.
  • The author is from SC.
  • The characters are believable, yet flawed and realistic.
  • The plot is intriguing and exciting from the beginning and keeps your attention until the very last page.

From the first chapter, I was completely captivated due in large part to Clark’s stellar character development and fast-paced plot. This is no “slow-burn”.

Yay! Who has time for that?

Life’s too short, you gotta get to the point, and this author does. I am so excited to have a new mystery series to dig into and I’m sure you will be too.

Happy Reading!


  1. If you’ve ever been to Edisto Beach, you will love this series! From the business establishments she mentions, to the names of familiar roads, and right down to some of her characters (some of whom are based on real people I know), you will feel like you are right there in the stories!


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